• Breakfast can be purchased before school 7:50-8:15 AM.
  • Breakfast is $1.75 (30¢ for reduced meal status)
  • Middle School students can buy healthy snack items at morning break. Choices are priced by the item or can be combined to make a breakfast (if not purchased before school).
  • Most snack items are priced between 50¢ and $1.25.
  • Charging is NOT allowed at morning break for snack purchases. Students must have money on their Food Service account or may pay cash if they do not owe money on their account.
  • There are two options for Middle School lunch - the hot lunch line and the a la carte/salad bar line.
  • Hot lunch is a full meal, including milk. Lunch is $2.50 for Middle School students (40¢ for reduced meal status). Milk is 50¢.
  • A la carte is available to students who do not owe money on their accounts. Items are priced individually or may be combined to make a lunch (restrictions apply). No charging is allowed for a la carte.
  • Food Service accounts should maintain a positive balance at all times. Accounts are not intended to be charge accounts.
  • We urge families to complete applications for free or reduced meal status if financial guidelines are met. Applications are processed by the school and kept confidential. All students are offered the same meal choices.
  • Detailed student Food Service account purchase histories and current balances are available by using the MySchoolBucks link on the HCS web page or by calling the Food Service office at ext 228.
  • Restrictions and special instructions for student accounts must be sent to the Food Services department in writing.  Please click on "Contact Us" in the menu at the left to find contact information.

Thank you for supporting our school meals program.

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