Where can parents see their child's grades?
Report cards are sent to each child's parents at the end of the marking period. During the marking period parents can review grades for assignments given to their child by accessing the PowerSchool Portal for Parents.
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When can parents expect to receive a report card for their child?
The school operates on a trimester schedule, with the year divided into three approximately equal parts.
Report cards are sent home to parents at the end of each trimester.

First Trimester: Ends November 25th
Second Trimester: Ends March 13th
Third Trimester: Ends in June

What is the grading system used by the school?
Details on grading can be found in the Student Handbook.
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Can parents get information about their child's grades over the telephone?
FERPA  (Student Records Privacy & Confidentiality) regulates the release of student information. For this reason grades are not given out over the telephone.

What is Standards-Based Grading?
Standards-Based Grading is a refined way of reporting what students know and how they demonstrate their learning of state content standards.

What is the purpose of Standards-Based Grading?
The purpose of Standards-Based Grading is to align grading with the state content standards as measured by consistent and accurate student achievement data and common criteria for grading.

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