School Newsletter

What is the purpose the school newsletter?
Our school newsletters reminds families about important dates, promotes student achievements, and helps parents understand elements of teaching and learning.

What can you expect to find in the school newsletter?
Our school newsletter keeps you informed about the latest news in our school, parenting tips, principal's message, district events, and much more.

Why have a school newsletter if you already have a website?
The school utilizes multiple media channels - web site, flyers, newsletters, letters, email, text messages, and social media sites - in an effort to reach out to all parents and community members.

How is the newsletter delivered to me?

  • Via email
  • Paper copy in backpack sent home with your youngest child

How often is the newsletter published by the school?

How can I get a current issue or back issues of the school newsletter?
A list of current and back issues can be found here.

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